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Fuugo offers a set of OTT solutions for broadcasters and content owners covering different approaches to enter the market. Contact us and find the best Fuugo solution to fit your OTT needs.

Fuugo Essential

For customers who want to build a competitive OTT service with their visual identity. Pre-designed platform ensures the most intuitive user experience to your end-users.

  • Fast & efficient way to enter the OTT market
  • Includes all the key client applications with the most essential features
  • Time to market two to six weeks
  • Supports several business models
    • Pay per view
    • Subscription based
    • Video advertisements

Fuugo Express

Web based Express allows customers proof their OTT concept rapidly without blowing budget.

  • Sprint to OTT market and take the fast lane
    • Perfect demo for proving your concept
  • Web based VOD service completely from the cloud
  • Convince stakeholders or test target audience in practise
  • Express setup is built up in one week

Fuugo Extended

For customers who want to extend the OTT experience by offering rich media and social media under the same service.

  • Extend your OTT Service by offering rich media content and social media
  • Provides WordPress integration with Fuugo Media Library enabling SoMe, blogs, news, etc.
  • Includes Extended tool set of client applications
  • Time to market 2-4 months
Read more about our vision of Extended OTT

Fuugo Custom

For customers who need customizable OTT service to fit perfectly their requirements.

  • Customize your own OTT vision alive with Fuugo
  • Tailored end-to-end solution to fit perfectly on your requirements
  • Multi DRM support
  • Solution for exceptional use cases, heavy loads, premium content and new innovations

Fuugo System Flow

Fuugo OTT Platform consists of Backend providing all the required functionality (Fuugo Control & 3rd party services) and Fuugo Fleet covering all the needed OTT clients.

Fuugo Backend has separate controls for Users and Content. The User control provides user authentication and authorisation, subscription management and personal viewing history. Backend covers also integrations to CDN, Payment Brokers and Ad Providers.

Fuugo Fleet consists of Clients and UI applications for following platforms:

  • Web
  • Android + Chromecast
  • iOS + Airplay
  • Android based STB's
    • Android TV
    • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku

Fuugo Control

Cloud based OTT Management system to administrate and configure the service

  • App management to create and manage user interfaces for each client application either separately or with common structure in all Apps
  • Content management for VOD, linear and Live content
  • User Management for user rights, authentication, authorisation
  • Monetization management with product configuration, prices, payment integrations and billing plans
  • Business reports and analytics of payments and subscribers

Fuugo Fleet

Fleet is a white label App and Client portfolio covering all relevant platforms and use cases