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Sprint to OTT market without blowing your budget

Fuugo takes you over the top

Uniting content owners, platforms and end users into one complete OTT solution

Fuugo is a complete over-the-top (OTT) solution for video content owners to monetize their material on different platforms. One united user experience on any device with your visual identity is built up in a moment. Constantly evolving Fuugo ensures your service is always in the front line off advancing OTT markets.

Take the first step - contact us and you are on the way over the top in no time!

Fuugo Solutions

Our solutions are built to meet your current OTT requirements and to grow with you when needed. Once you're on the path, you can sprint to market in no time - and without blowing your budget.


Sprint to OTT market and take the fast lane. Convince stakeholders or test target audience with real environment.


Fast & efficient way to enter the OTT market including all the key client applications.


Extend your OTT Service by offering rich media content and engage your clients.


Bring your own OTT vision alive with Fuugo Custom. Tailored end-to-end solution fits perfectly on your requirements.

Just look at that view

on any device


Be the most agile OTT supplier on the market


To offer our clients fast delivered OTT service with outstanding user experience and customer care

Key Benefits

Explore the OTT markets

Minimal initial investment with maximal gain – Fuugo Express allows you to explore the OTT markets with reduced costs.

Right Solution for Every Business Need

For providers who have the content, know their markets and are ready for the OTT challenge.

Personal Customer Service

Our customer success ensures you are always on the OTT track - you won't be lost in the wheels of machinery.

Smart Scaling Based on Usage Volume

System scales up when service has high utilization rate and vice versa. Pay-as-you grow model guarantees your costs are always in balance with actual usage.

Constantly Evolving Platform

Non-stop desire to evolve makes Fuugo highly competitive player in the OTT field.